Aftercare instructions

To achieve the best outcome you must adhere to the following aftercare instructions. The way you look after your cosmetic tattoo will make ALL the difference to the longevity and the final outcome. It is very obvious to trained technicians who has and hasn't taken great care with the healing stage. Please be aware that further touch ups needed from not following instructions will be charged.

I will supply your aftercare healing gel, along with instructions on how and when to use it. It is normal for the area to become itchy as it heals. Please see below for detailed instructions on how to take care of your new cosmetic tattoo.

You must NOT use any other creams such as paw paw, tattoo goo, aquaphor, etc on the area. This can interfere with the bonding process and affect the appearance. Please remember, cosmetic tattoos heal very differently to body tattoos and need different care.

You can not have any further work done on the tattooed area for 4 weeks. During this time as it is healing it will keep changing. We do not see the full results until this healing stage has finished.

Once healed, the only creams you should ever use on the area is protat, bepanthen or vaseline when swimming in salt or chlorinated water to avoid a bleaching effect. Many cleansers, serums and moisturisers contain vitamins or acids that will fade the area. Cosmetic peels and microdermabrasion will also fade brow and lip tattooing if performed over the area.

*Please remember you cannot donate blood for a minimum of 6 months following any tattoo. This is a worldwide health regulation.

General rules to follow 

*Avoid direct sun exposure for the first two weeks. Exposure to the sun overtime will cause fading and colour change. 

*Cover the area with vaseline when swimming to prevent bleaching.

*No make up is to be applied for the first 48 hours. Please remember during this time it is still an open wound. Putting anything on the area or touching it with unclean hands can lead to infection. It is highly recommended that after any eyeliner tattooing you purchase a brand new mascara.

*Do not scrub the area, any crusting will fall off on it's own. Forcing it may result in loss of pigment.

*Avoid using teeth whitening toothpaste if you have had a lip tattoo. The chemicals may interfere with the pigments and healing.

*Do not use heated spas, saunas or exercise that causes excessive sweating. This will open the pores and may lead to the pigment bleeding out.

*Do not pluck, wax, thread or bleach the hair for at least three weeks after your treatment.

*No botox or fillers following your procedure for 4 weeks until fully healed.

Eyebrow care

There may be swelling and your brows may feel tender. This is normal and will subside in a couple of hours.

The brows can secrete a clear fluid for the first 24 hours.  At this time you should blot away any of the excess fluid with a clean cotton pad. If the fluid is left on it will form a crusting/scab, which is to be avoided.

After 12 - 24 hours you should use the wash provided to clean the area. With damp fingertips, gently clean the brows, rinse and pat lightly to dry. Then apply a thin layer of the aftercare gel provided. Please keep in mind the aftercare gel is to be used at your perfection visit also. There is more than enough to cover both appointments. Store in an upright position out of direct sunlight.

It is important that you apply the gel x3-4 a day with CLEAN hands or dry cotton tip.  Make sure you use a different end for each brow/eye to prevent cross contamination.

Please remember your brows will lighten and soften as they heal.

Eyeliner care

Expect your eyes to swell and be tender for a few days. The swelling will be worse in the mornings after laying in bed all night. You may use a cold compress to reduce swelling, but please take care not to make the area wet.

With a clean cotton tip, apply the aftercare cream morning and night. Take care to only use a very fine layer and not to get it in your eyes. No mascara or eyelash curlers can be used for the first week during healing. After this time, we recommend that you use a brand new mascara to prevent infection. If you wear contact lenses you must not replace them whilst your eyes are swollen or tender - please wear your glasses instead at this time.

Lip care

It is in your best interest to visit your GP, prior to your treatment, and ask to be prescribed FAMVIR. This is to prevent the possibility of cold sores. It is not uncommon to have an outbreak after lip tattooing, even if you are not prone to them. You will be required to begin the tablets on the day of your procedure and continue for the following 4 days. Please keep in mind that we can never guarantee you will not have a breakout, even if you have taken the medication.

It is usual for the lips to swell and will take the longest to heal. No hot, spicy foods or citrus drinks should be consumed for the next 4-6 hours. You may use a cold pack for 5 minutes when you get home and again in 3-4 hours, if needed. Please take care not to let the area get too wet. Your lips will feel dry after the treatment, so it's important to keep them moist and use your aftercare cream as much as needed. I recommend Bepanthen OINTMENT.

Do not let your lips dry out! If you suspect that you may have a cold sore starting you may use Zovirax in that area only and apply ice to freeze the virus. Please do not wear lipstick, gloss or balm for the first week. It's important to remember that the colour will continually look different whilst healing and the true colour will not show through for at least 4-6 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the healing of your procedure, please contact me. I understand the healing phase can raise concerns and I am always very happy to talk it through with you. Please also remember that until you have been for your perfection visit, it is possible that some areas may have healed lighter than others. It is also possible small areas may have faded completely, resulting in an uneven appearance. Do not worry - this is normal and the very reason why we schedule a perfection visit.

Once you have completed both sessions, you will be delighted with the results and wonder why you hadn't done it sooner.