Preparation for your procedure

*One month prior, start letting your brows grow out so we can see your natural shape. I shall clean them up before we begin the treatment.

 If you use retinol products please stop now and avoid having any further facial treatments. 

If you are having any eyeliner procedure, now is the time to stop using any lash growth serum and to remove any false lashes. The glue remover from having your lashes removed can be irritating and this gives the eyelids enough time to heal.

*Two weeks before your procedure is the cut off time for any muscle relaxers such as botox or disport, the same applies for fillers. If you are coming for lip tattooing and you often have lip fillers, please make sure you leave enough time for your injector to fix up any issues with symmetry before you come. I will not tattoo on lips that have lumps or are noticeably uneven from fillers. It is also important to be aware, if you usually have botox, this can change the natural positioning of your brows, especially when it is injected directly above the brow to give a lift effect. It is a good idea to make sure you are 100% happy with your wrinkle relaxers before you commit to brow tattooing.

*The week before you come in, please cease taking fish oils which act as blood thinners. If you take regular blood thinning medication this must be discussed with your doctor on how to stop. NEVER stop taking any regular medication without the advise of your doctor!

Please avoid fake tanning and over exposure to the sun. To get the best pigment choice, I need to be able to see your natural skin tone.

*The day please avoid alcohol, as this increases blood flow and can make it difficult to implant the pigment. 

On the day, it is recommended to not have too much caffeine or stimulants such as pre workout or energy drinks. Make sure you have had something to eat and you are well hydrated. Please, no eye make-up for lash tattooing. If you suffer with watery eyes please see a chemist and enquire about a suitable antihistamine to help dry them out.