Cosmetic Tattooing involves placing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.  These pigments have been specifically designed for the face and will fade, unlike body tattoos which are done with ink, are permanent and in a deeper layer in the skin.  Cosmetic Tattooing can last anywhere from 6 months to 3-5 years - the fading process will differ from client to client.  There are many factors which may result in a Cosmetic Tattoo not lasting as long, such as medication, medical condition, lifestyle and products used.

Almost anyone who is healthy, and not pregnant or nursing, can benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing, particularly those with allergies to make up, poor eyesight, lack of confidence to apply make up or any medical condition that causes loss of hair or lack of facial symmetry.

Procedure information

Typically, appointments are scheduled for 2 hours, however, treatments may take a little longer or be a little quicker than expected.

On arrival you will complete the necessary paperwork and have the option to ask any questions.  It is a good idea to turn up for the appointment with your brows drawn on the way you like them to look or to bring some pictures of the style you wish to have.  Please do not have your brows waxed before you come - once the shape has been agreed, we will remove the rest of the hair before we begin. 

Numbing cream is used to make you comfortable throughout the procedure.  By law, you are required to purchase your own anaesthetic.  At the time of booking, you will be given details of where to have the anaesthetic made up - it is essential that you only use this pharmacist to provide the numbing cream.  I will be unable to undertake the treatment with anaesthetic from any alternative supplier, as I will not be able to guarantee the formulation or percentages used.

Whilst your numbing cream is on we will determine what colour pigment will be most suitable with your skin tone. It is important to work with the correct pigment and to trust your technicians colour theory knowledge. Incorrect pigments may result in pink or blue looking brows. 

When designing your brows, eyeliner or lipliner, a lot of time is taken to measure the correct positioning on your face, due to virtually no face being symmetrical.  We can adjust to make the perfect fit for you.  Absolutely no tattooing is done until you are 100% happy.

You will require a perfection visit to finalise your tattoo in 4 - 6 weeks. Cosmetic Tattooing always requires two sessions, sometimes three, to get the required outcome.  Your visit must be done within 3 months, otherwise you will be charged the fee for an annual refresher. 


  • ​Feather brow                                                  $450   

  • Powder/Ombre brow                                    $500

  • Combination brows                                       $550

  • Lash enhancement upper                             $250

  • Lash enhancement lower                              $200

  • Lash enhancement upper & lower              $400

  • Upper eyeliner                                                $300

  • Lower eyeliner                                                $250

  • Upper & lower eyeliner                                 $495

  • Designer upper eyeliner                                $350

  • Lower Eyeliner                                                $250

  • Designer upper & lower eyeliner                 $550                                       

  • Lipline & Blend                                               $500

  • Full lip                                                               $650

    • Corrections of Cosmetic tattoo*        POA                       

    • Removal of Cosmetic tattoo*              POA

  • Perfection visit (within 3 mos)                     $150                                                                                                                             Annual refreshers (within 20 mos)

  • Feather brow                                                   $300

  • Powder brow, Eyeliner & Lips                       $350

  • Combination brow                                          $400

   *Any cosmetic tattooing that is over 20 months old will be charged at full price.      


                         After care will be included!!!


*Tattooing over another technicians work will be charged at full price and not the price of a touch up!!! It is generally more difficult work over previous tattoos and often a change of shape or colour is needed.

*Corrections of cosmetic tattoos often require a lot more time and knowledge. In some cases there will also be the need to lift out the old pigment. They often need more then two visits. Corrections will need to be assessed and then will be priced accordingly.

*Removal of cosmetic tattoos is done using a saline solution. It often needs many sessions and can be a long process. A consultation will be required to discuss what can be expected and whether it is the right treatment for you.

*If you decide to upgrade to a more expensive procedure at your perfection visit e.g. Feather brow to Powder or Combination brow. Lash enhancement to Top eyeliner you will be charged the extra amount for that visit. Please be aware you may also have to return for another touch up!!!