Lipoglaze - Uk's safest & most effective method of freezing!!!!

Fat freezing will freeze and permanently destroy fat cells. We use a Lipoglaze machine, developed by Harvard scientists, it is some of the most powerful cryogenic technology on the market. It is non invasive and has clinically proven results.

Cryogenic lipolysis works by using cooling temperature to minus 10 degrees to reduce stubborn fat. The dead fat cells known scientifically as apoptosis can not survive in this temperature and are metabolised and excreted out. Perfect for stubborn bulges that are immune to diet and exercise. 

Results can be seen between 2 - 12 weeks post treatment. Lipoglaze has been successful in reducing single treated areas by up to 59% in one session. This method can provide permanent results without any harm to your surrounding skin cells or trauma.

  • x1 area   $150

  • x2 areas $300

  • x3 areas $450

  • buy 3 areas and get 1 FREE