Understanding the healing process

Immediately after your procedure it is common for the area to appear blotchy, bruised and swollen. When trauma is caused the body sends cells to the area to rebuild the damaged skin, this causes swelling and can last up to 48 hours.

The pigment will appear much darker due to irritation and that it has been mixed with blood and plasma. It will also look thicker due to swelling. It is important that the area is protected from UV rays and bacteria. Your aftercare cream should always be applied with a clean cotton tip and to apply it as advised. Incorrect aftercare will result in possible loss of pigment and the need for more touch ups.

Once the top layer of pigment has lifted there will be at least a 40% loss of colour. The area will seem lighter in the beginning as the loss of skin cells has a "lightening effect", as new skin cells form over the site the colour will begin to break through. Never judge your brows on what you first see as the pigment has lifted, by the time you come back for your top up they will have changed a lot. Remember that the top up appointment has been made especially to fill in or sharpen/darken any areas that may need it. Eyebrows and eyeliner takes around 28-35 days to see the true colour, whilst lips take a little longer at around 30-45 days.

During the healing phase it is common for the area to become itchy, it is important not to scratch and cause the pigment to lift off. You must not get the area wet for 7-10 days or use a sauna. You also need to avoid excess sweating and UV rays. Make-up can not been worn until the area is fully healed.